Visit the Mentawai without a Guide

If you really want to visit my Mentawai family on your own I am happy to help arrange this for you. Following below are the practical details.
Note that this trip is without an official guide, but you will be taken care of direct by the family, from the moment you arrive on the island, until you leave. They are your guides! They are used to have visitors at their longhouse and know how to guarantee an experience of a lifetime!
I personally bring people along on my own trips to my Mentawai family. Check out details and costs here:

Flying to Padang

You fly to the Minangkabau International Airport in Padang, West Sumatra. There are international flights from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and domestic flights from Jakarta and Medan.
On the day you arrive you have to go to the Muara Padang harbor and buy a Mentawai Fast ferry ticket, as sometimes the ferries are full.

Ferry to Siberut Island

You take the Mentawai Fast ferry to Muara Siberut, in the south of the island.
The ferry normally leaves at 7am in the morning on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, from the small Muara Padang harbor. On some days the ferry makes a stop in Sikabaluan, in the north of the island, before continuing to (Muara) Siberut.
Mentawai Fast speedboat
Here is the current official time schedule. “Siberut” means Muara Siberut, your destination. Cost is IDR 350,000 / person one way (IDR 400,000 for VIP, with AC).
Note that sometimes ferries do not go, due to bad weather or on some public holidays. So always check in advance with Mentawai Fast, through their Facebook Page or Facebook Messenger and plan onwards travel accordingly. 

Meet my Mentawai Family

Some of the family members will pick you up at the Mentawai Fast ferry harbor in Maileppet, and will then take you to their Uma (longhouse) in Butui.

Traveling Upriver to Muara Butui

Depending on what day you arrive, there are 2 options.
Option 1:
From the Mentawai Fast ferry harbor in Maileppet you take a pick-up car or motorbike taxi to the small village of Muntei, a 10-15 minute drive.
From Muntei you then take a motorized canoe upriver, to Muara Butui. The trip will take about 5-6 hours, depending on water levels. This is the most affordable option if you take the ferry on a Thursday. If you take the ferry on a Tuesday or Saturday you can still choose this option, but note that you will most likely end up traveling and hiking the last part of your journey in the dark…
Option 2:
Take a pick-up car direct from the harbor and drive to Rogdok village. This drive takes about 45-60 minutes, depending on (muddy…) road conditions. You then take a motorized canoe from Rogdok, to Muara Butui. This takes about 1.5-2 hours, depending on water levels. This is a faster but more expensive option, and only recommended if you take the ferry from Padang on a Tuesday or Saturday. The ferry on Thursday arrives later in the day and you will end up traveling and hiking in the dark, which is not very nice…
Motorized canoe to travel up-river

Hiking from Muara Butui to Butui

From Muara Siberut you hike along a small river to the longhouse of my Mentawai family, in Butui. This hike takes about an hour, depending on weather and your physical condition. The hike is through and along the river, and some stretches of usually very muddy swamp forest. It’s not an easy walk for everybody, but determination and a good mood are more important than physical fitness! Family members can help you carry your luggage and food supplies.
Hiking further into the jungle

Staying in Butui

You normally sleep in the longhouse, together with the entire family. You’ll sleep on a thin mattress under a large mosquito net. 
My family has also just built 2 small traditional wooden huts for guests, right in front of their longhouse. These huts have proper mattresses, pillows, linen, blankets and mosquito nets and provide a more comfortable stay, with quite a bit of privacy. 
We have also recently built a proper western-style toilet, which makes a stay a lot more comfortable for most visitors. Washing you do in the usually crystal clear river, right in front of the house. An absolute great and serene experience!
2 traditional new huts for guests, near the Uma
The family will share with you their traditional food and also cook some basic but decent meals. 
During your stay my family will show you around and you’ll see and experience truly authentic Mentawai daily life! You can take photos as you like, no problem. If you’re lucky you will be able to witness some ancient rituals or attend traditional ceremonies, or for instance learn about traditional hunting with bow and (poisonous!) arrows, or nighttime fishing for shrimp and fish…
Learning how loincloths are made from tree bark
It is also possible to go on a traditional hunt, and for instance spend a night in the jungle, either in a make-shift traditional shelter or Sapou, a small traditional hut further up in the rainforest that the Mentawai use to look after crops planted further away from the longhouse, or to overnight while on a hunt.
Another great activity is to visit a nearby waterfall, which has a spectacular jungle-surrounded location and natural whirlpool at its base. The hike to go there leads through spectacular rain forest, straight from the movies… 
Visiting a waterfall deep in the rainforest

Back to Muara Siberut

You will go back the same way as you came. Family members will bring you to Muara Butui and take you in their motorized canoe to either Rogdok or Muntei, and from there to the harbor in Maileppet, to catch the Mentawai Fast ferry back to Padang.


The cost will depend on the number of people and number of days. The biggest cost is transport (canoes and pick-up cars), so the longer you go the relative lower the (daily) cost. To give you a rough idea, a 6 day / 5 night trip for 1 or 2 people will cost around USD 700 in total (Including all transport on the island, meals in Butui and a donation to the family for staying with them. Excluding the ferry from / to Padang and private meals / consumptions).
For any specific activities such as fishing, hunting, etc you’ll have to pay a donation / contribution to the people involved.
If you prefer a guide to accompany you we can arrange this. Cost is usually about IDR 1,500,000 / day.

Sample Itinerary

Traveling to this remote part of the world is an adventurous journey and you may need to adjust along the way, but this is a common itinerary. I recommend to take the ferry on a Thursday, and take the ferry back the next Tuesday. This will give you 5 nights and 4 full days with the Mentawai.
Day 0:
  • Arrive in Padang, West Sumatra.
  • Go to the Mentawai Fast office in the harbor Muara Padang, to buy your ferry ticket.
  • Stay overnight somewhere close to the harbor.
Day 1:
  • Take a taxi to the Muara Padang harbor, to catch the 7am boat to Siberut Island.
  • You travel to Muara Siberut, in the south of the island, where you will arrive either around 10.40 am (on Thursdays) or 13.45 pm (on Tuesdays and Saturdays).
  • At the harbor you will meet some my Mentawai family members. They will take and guide you from there.
  • To save travel time by canoe and if road conditions allow you will drive by open pick-up car to the small village of Rogdok, which lies further up-river. This drive takes about an hour.
  • From Rogdok you take a motorized canoe and continue your journey upriver, to Muara Butui. This canoe trip will take about 1.5-2 hours, depending on water levels.
  • From Muara Butui you hike to the traditional village of Butui, which consists of a handful of traditional Uma spread out in the Butui river valley. Your destination is the last Uma upstream, which belongs to Aman Manja and Aman Sasali, two of the youngest remaining traditional Mentawai Shamans on the island. This will be your base for the next few days. The hike is about 1 hour, following the Butui river.
  • Late afternoon & evening: time to relax and get to know the family.
  •  Overnight at the Uma in Butui.
Day 2 until 5:
  • Time to experience and explore (and photograph!) Mentawai daily life and culture: traditional hunting, fishing, food preparation, etc. If you’re lucky, there may be a traditional ceremony!
  • Overnight at the Uma in Butui.
Day 6:
  • After early breakfast you pack your belongings and hike back to Muara Butui. From there you take the canoe to either Muntei or Rogdok.
  • If you go to Rogdok you then go by pick-up car to the harbor. Saves travel time, but costs a bit more.
  •  From Muntei you take a pick-up car or motorbike taxi to the harbor to catch the fast-boat back to Padang, either at 12.00 noon (on Thursdays) or 14.30 pm (on Tuesdays and Saturdays).
  • You will arrive in Padang around 6.30 pm.  If you are lucky you will see some dolphins accompanying the boat and can enjoy a nice sunset from the roof-deck of the boat!
  • From the harbor Muara Padang you take a taxi to your accommodation in Padang. There are usually no flights anymore in the evening.
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