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– Uma Butui –

Traditionally the Mentawai did not need a lot of money to survive, as their forest was providing everything they needed. Occasionally they would sell some crops or livestock in order to buy whatever the forest did not provide.
Times have changed though, and the Mentawai nowadays need more money for their daily lives, for instance for maintenance of their motorized canoes and particularly also for school and the education of their children. Occasionally they also need to buy pigs for ceremonies, as a few recent swine flu epidemics have wiped out the majority of the domesticated pig population on the entire island.
Sadly, most of the guides on Siberut pay the Mentawai very little when they visit them with guests, and keep most of what they have been paid for themselves.
We therefor help our Mentawai family to welcome guests in a for them more economically beneficial matter. Eventually we want them to become more independent and together develop sustainable tourism that contributes to their future welfare.
We have therefore made this price list, to make sure they are paid what we believe is a fair price when you visit and stay with them, while making sure they provide you the most authentic and immersive experience you can wish for.
By using this website to make your travel arrangements to my Mentawai family you help them economically and to better adapt to the fast changing world they live in, while preserving the foundation of their unique Mentawai culture for generations to come.

Overnight in the Uma

Spend the night in the traditional Mentawai Uma, together with the entire family. This is the most authentic experience!
You sleep on a thin mattress under a mosquito net.
Price: IDR 50,000 / person / night
Price does not include any meals.

Overnight in a Private Hut​

Spend the night in more comfort in a small traditional hut, right in front of the Uma. The hut is fitted with quality foam mattresses, pillows, linen, blankets and mosquito nets.
IDR 100,000 / person / night
Price does not include any meals.

Canoe to Muara Butui or return​

A traditional motorized canoe, locally called “pompong”. The canoe can seat 2 or 3 people, depending on the volume of baggage.
Rogdok – Muara Butui or vice versa: IDR 400,000 / canoe
Muntei – Muara Butui or vice versa: IDR 700,000 / canoe
Price is one-way and includes the boatman and fuel.

Pick-up truck from the harbour to Rogdok or return​

An open pick-up truck, from the harbor where the Mentawai Fast boat arrives / departs. The journey will take approximately 1 hour, depending on weather and road conditions. The road is partially muddy and potholed and is often quite bumpy.
The pick-up fits up to 8 people with luggage.
IDR 600,000 / pick-up truck
Price is one-way and includes the boatman and fuel.


If you do not want to carry your own luggage / backpack and for instance shopping the Mentawai will carry it for you.
From IDR 100,000 / porter
Price is based on distance / walking time. Most hikes to get to the Uma or back are maximum 1 hour.


Traditional fishing: Pangisau

Join the Mentawai women fishing at night for shrimps, frogs, crab and fish in the river creek. A magical experience!
Dress up for the occasion, with a traditional “fishing skirt” made from banana leaves! The women will cook the fresh catch in bamboo and you can enjoy this together afterwards.
IDR 300,000
Price is for the entire activity.

Traditional hunting​

Join the Mentawai men on a traditional hunt with bow and arrow and sometimes spears. The usual target are monkeys, deer and wild boar.
Before the hunt the men will prepare traditional poison for the arrows and show you the different steps involved.
If you want you can try to use the bow and arrows yourself!
IDR 500,000
Price is for the entire activity, which lasts a couple of hours.

Traditional overnight hunting​

For the real hunting deal you can join the Mentawai men on an overnight hunting trip. You will spend the night in a make-shift shelter or traditional Sapou hut, deep in the forest-covered hills further up the river.
For this activity you need to be fairly fit and don’t mind to spend a night in rather primitive conditions. But you’re guaranteed a memorable event!
IDR 900,000
Price is for the entire activity.

Traditional Ceremony with Shaman dance and music​

The ultimate experience to see the shamans at their best: dancing fully dressed up to the traditional beats of python skin-covered drums.
The ceremony includes a ritual cleansing of the Uma, calling and reuniting the spirits of everybody present with their earthly body and the ceremonial sacrifice of a chicken, which will be eaten together during a traditional meal.
Usually the ceremony starts late afternoon and last until around midnight.
IDR 900,000 / Shaman
This ceremony is conducted by at least 2 Shamans, based on request and availability.

Meals during your Stay

During your stay you can just join the Mentawai and eat what they eat. The staple diet consists of sago, complemented with roots and whatever is available from the forest and small food gardens. This diet is not for everybody though, particularly not when staying longer than 1 or 2 days.
Upon request your Mentawai hosts can prepare other meals, including rice, noodles, vegetables, canned fish, eggs, pancakes, etc.
You can either buy food supplies yourself upon arrival in the harbor of Siberut, or have your hosts do the shopping in advance.
We highly recommend this option, to complement the traditional Mentawai you will be offered. You just pay for the shopping and a fee for the cooks.
IDR 100,000 / cook / day
Price is based on cooking 3 meals per day and excludes shopping costs. For 2 to 4 people 1 cook is enough. For larger groups you need 2 cooks.

Traditional Tattoo: Titik

Get a traditional Mentawai tattoo!
Mentawai tattooing is one of the oldest known tattoo techniques in the world. The Mentawai use a mix of black soot, sugar cane juice and some oil and use a small wooden stick to hand-tap a stick holding a needle.
IDR 100,000 / hour
The Mentawai use herbs as antiseptics and you do not need to worry much about infections.
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